Kristin Ward's Electronic Portfolio

Samantha Hermez did a podcast on technology in English and presented the infomation through setting up a radio show and then doing a rap. The rap talked about how bringing technology in the classroom can be expensive, inapproiate things on the internet, and plagerism can be more of a problem. Yet, she discusses that students can expand their knowledge and learn about other authors, blog their thoughts, and use databases. I did not learn anything new too much but it did remind me of the problems other teachers and parents might have with technology in the classroom.
When comparing the ways to reserach for a paper vs. a podcast/screencast it becomes clear to me that both involve the same process. The big difference comes in presenting the reserach found. I enjoy doing the podcast more than doing a paper because I have trouble putting my thoughts down on paper even if I do throughly understand the topic I am researching on. I felt by doing the podcast I could present the information clearly and demonstrate what I have learned effectively by being able to talk about it rather than write about the topic. I do believe I covered the topic approiately using this form of assessement and I as a future teacher feel this would be a great way for students the present information they have learned and/or researched.