Kristin Ward's Electronic Portfolio

The video that I chose was Fifty Nifty United States. I chose this video because in incorporates music and social studies for teaching the names of the states therefore this can be applied across the curriculum. This could fit into a lesson on learning about the different states that are comprised within our country. I could use the song in the video to help the students learn the names of the states.
VoiceThread could be incorporated into the classroom through several different activities. Using VoiceThread would be great to use for an activity within the first week of school. Students can introduce themselves and give information about themselves to help me learn something about who they are. Another activity could be showing what activities we do for the 100th day of school, then this can be sent to parents to show them what their kids are doing in school. Digital Storytelling could be used for students to record a book on tape, they could use this to listen to by themselves or share with other classmates or maybe to help younger students read.